As an illustrator I tend to work on a small scale of up to 30cm, but I can’t help being secretly envious of people who can create large-scale paintings using broad brush strokes and letting the colours flow down the canvas.

Recently I’ve been doing some larger scale paintings, usually of fantasy worlds where there are several moons and a spacious almost empty landscape. I’m also getting into real abstraction of form, using bright colours and patterns to create a feeling or mood rather than a representation.  

I get such pleasure in everything I do I feel that this must be infectious! So please let me know what you think of my work. I love to get feedback.


I grew up wanting to be a writer. I knew I could make people laugh and I wanted to write comedy but my “Captain Cook landing in Australia” amid wildly blooming trees and plants won me the top prize from the Children’s Royal Academy, so eventually art won over comedy and I went to art school and learned how to draw.

I should add that I worked as a copywriter and magazine editor for many years and got my chance to write amusing things about all sorts of products, while also doing my best to keep up with my drawing.

Now I draw and paint full time but the comedy creeps in nonetheless. Funny that no one asks me to do their portrait…